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Anime & Manga

Image boards have grown to be a well known web pastime recently. If you have been to places like 4chan, 7chan, and so on, you have often seen a distinctive culture that mixes highlighted and photo taking art from both Western and Japanese culture. Once you browse these places for some time, it begins being apparent that Japanese and British are mixed together a lot, you'll need a feet in every culture to know what's happening.

So here's helpful tips for the most typical Japanese words you will find in the realm of image boards. Bear in mind these places are lived on mostly by anime, manga, and gaming fans, so the majority of the terms have related to this culture.

anime - Japanese animation. All animated cartoons coming initially from in Japan.

baka - An idiot, or art representing foolishness. Disney's character Wacky could be considered baka.

bancho - A delinquent or edgy boy.

bara - A gay guy, or art attractive to or showing gay males.

bishojo - An attractive youthful lady, over the age of adolescence but more youthful than college age.

bukkake - A fetish for untidy sex, and art showing this fetish.

burikko - A grownup pretending to become a child. Features in art showing age-play.

-chan - A suffix meaning "relevant to" additionally a Japanese honorific.

chibi - A brief, small person or perhaps a very youthful child. Additionally a specific anime/manga drawing style, creating a character appear dwarfish or altered. Western cartoon elves are chibi.

cosplay - The game of dressing like a favorite character from anime/mange. Frequently done at comic conventions along with other fan occasions.

desu - A brief Japanese word that links a noun and verb, literally converted as "it's.Inch Image boards took this like a meme, frequently repeating "desu desu desu," for a number of reasons, including to tease the newcomers or stubbornly persist within an argument.

doujinshi - Self-released work. The same as desktop self-posting for manga.

ecchi - The generic term for sexual material.

futanari - Hermaphrodites, or art showing hermaphrodites. Half-male-half-female.

gaiden - Side or supplemental material. In image boards, gaiden could be some four-panel cartoons of manga figures, showing occasions that do not count within the manga itself. A side-story or spin-off.

Anime & Manga

Anime & Manga

guro - Very gross pornography showing extreme injuries, mutilation, or dying. The manga same as "snuff porn."

hentai - Erotic bondage manga. Most erotic Japanese illustrative material falls into this category.

hikikomori - An otaku taken one stage further: a loner and outsider whose only interest rates are anime/manga fandom. Something like a Western "basement geek," only recommending a neurotic, unhealthy amount of both obsession and isolation.

itasha - The subculture of designing an automobile with graphics of manga/anime figures.

josei - A manga genre attractive to adult women. The same as Western cleaning soap-operas.

kaitou - A mysterious. elusive crook. Also someone with phantom-like aspects. A stealthy individual who lives within the shadows. The same as Western rogue or hobbit.

katana - A Japanese sword. About 99% of times if you notice ninjas and samurai with swords, they are proven carrying katanas.

kawaii - Meeting japan standard for "cute."

kawaiiko - An adorable child.

kei - Initially a sculpture style accustomed to illustrate Buddha. Instead of the greater familiar (towards the West) vision of Buddha like a jolly, laughing fellow, Japanese Buddhas are slim and heavy.

lolicon - A slang term shared between Japanese and Western culture, for that preference for child-like depictions of ladies.

manga - Japanese comics. All graphic, printed media of the cartoon character coming initially from in Japan.

mangaka - A manga creator. Japanese for "cartoonist."

manzai - A method of humor including a comedy duo of 1 "straight guy" and something "funny guy." In Western culture, Abbot and Costello could be considered manzai.

mecha - Anime or manga including large, armored, warrior robots, usually piloted with a human inside.

meganekko - The attraction to women who put on glasses. Anime or manga showing "nerdy" women.

miko - A lady temple attendant. The same to some Western nun.

moe - A slang term for keen on anime or manga, or even the attraction to anime and manga figures.

neko - A kitten or perhaps a cat, particularly when proven to be cute. Also is applicable to explain a lady inside a cat costume, or half-human-half-felines.

oekaki - Writing and doodling. Amateur art by fans.

ojou - A higher-class or wealthy lady.

omorashi - A fetish for peeing. The same as Western "aquatic sports."

oni - A demon or evil spirit.

oranyan - Men who's by turns aggressive and aloof, and sweet and charming.

otaku - A really strong fan of manga, anime, or game titles. More severe than moe, less serious as hikikomori.

pokemon - The favourite anime/ manga/ gaming franchise in Japan.

sakura - A cherry blossom. One such artistic theme in Japan.

seinen - A manga genre attractive to adult males. A mans same as josei.

sensei - An instructor or master.

sentai - Japanese superheros. Also describes military heros in the western world, Hercules and G.I. Joe would both come under the course of sentai.

shibari - Japanese bondage, including rope bondage elevated for an intricate and specialized talent.

shinigami - A Japanese angel of dying, in mythology. The same as the Western "harsh reaper," although shinigami really are a whole type of organizations and not simply one.

shojo - A manga genre attractive to youthful ladies and women. The more youthful same as josei.

Anime & Manga

Anime & Manga

shonen - A manga genre attractive to teenagers and boys. Usually action and adventure tales.

shotacon - Japan form of "boy's love," the depiction of youthful boys within an erotic context. A mans form of lolicon.

sukeban - A delinquent or edgy girl.

tan - A suffix meaning a personality used like a mascot for any product. For example, figures accustomed to represent different computer os's are "OS-golden skin tone."

tsundere - A lady who's by turns aggressive and aloof, and sweet and charming.

yakuza - Japanese gangs and gangsters. Organized crime. The same as Western Mafia.

yandere - A psychotic stalker. A genre of Japanese manga/anime showing shy, quiet individuals who become smitten to the stage of dependence on someone, eventually turning violent and abusive, possibly even murderous.

yaoi - Japanese manga/anime showing male homosexuals but meant for women. In the western world, should you made fiction specifically for "fag hags," it might be known as yaoi.

yuri - A lesbian, or art attractive to or showing gay women.

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